Civil lawyers who give effective legal counsel are a must in the litigious business world of today.  At Sundstedt & Goodman Law Offices, our legal team has been assisting clients with civil litigation matters for over 30 years, providing the caliber of quality representation you would expect from one of the “big name” law firms, but with a more personal level of service and representation.  Our attorneys are experts in assisting clients to navigate through the litigation process, regardless of whether the lawsuit concerns a business dispute, trust litigation matters, real property matters, personal injury, a partnership dissolution, corporate law, and/or employment or other labor issues.  The attorneys at Sundstedt & Goodman Law Offices have few peers within the North Orange County region who can offer the same wealth of legal experience and expertise in protecting our clients’ rights.  This is why our legal team has been able to maintain loyal relationships with many of our clients for over 30 years.



We specialize in assisting business owners
Our civil lawyers understand that operating a successful business in these economically turbulent times is a challenge. Unfortunately, civil litigation follows many successful and reputable businesses, even in spite of the legal precautions which are taken. Whether you are a small enterprise or a multi-million dollar company, civil litigation is a risk of doing business in today’s world. Business owners face lawsuits related to breach of contract claims, collection actions, ADA violations, labor law claims, fraud and related civil litigation matters every day. The attorneys at Sundstedt & Goodman Law Offices specialize in dealing with business owners and the unique challenges they face.

We have recognized success in assisting trustees and/or beneficiaries with trust litigation matters
The attorneys at Sundstedt & Goodman Law Offices have had recognized success in representing those individuals who have been entrusted with the responsibility of being the Trustee of an estate. We know how to advise these clients on how to fulfill the fiduciary duties imposed upon them and to responsibly and ethically defend claims against the Trust and/or prosecute claims on behalf of the Trust when necessary. Our attorneys are also experienced in advising beneficiaries of Trust estates as to their rights and assisting them to enforce these rights where proper.

We have over 30 years of experience in assisting clients to obtain compensation for personal injuries
We understand the trauma and injuries faced by victims who have suffered personal injuries or loss due to severe car accidents, pedestrian accidents, boating accidents, slip and fall accidents and wrongful death tragedies. The attorneys at Sundstedt & Goodman Law Offices have the experience necessary to evaluate and resolve these types of cases quickly to obtain resolution by way of a carefully negotiated settlement and/or verdict by the Court or a Jury to compensate personal injury victims for their injuries and damage claims.



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